Twigging and Team Play

PLEASE NOTE: NEnet recently teamed up with Zondle to produce a professionally-developed tool for teaching through games. This application is based on Neuroeducational research at Bristol into brains, games and learning. It’s based on the NEnet prototype tool (still here on our web-site – since we know many are hooked on it) but the new version is a 100x better! It is compatible with 12,000 topics already created by teachers (but of course you can make your own) and students can communicate responses using almost any internet-connected device (e.g. phone, netbook, etc). The application is free, just register and note the useful “guide to using ‘Zondle Team Play’ at the bottom of Zondle’s homepage:


Here you can find out some more about ongoing research using neuroscientific concepts and techniques to develop teaching with immersive gaming (or twigging).

The Gaming2 Achieve Project 

This project has been helping to develop and transfer good practice in teaching with immersive gaming. Secondary and primary school teachers in Denbighshire LEA have been collaborating with the University of Bristol to understand more about how this type of pedagogy. The project has produced a number of downloadable resources for teachers (using the old power-point prototype – but note the message above!):

Good Practice in Teaching with Immersive Gaming (twigging)

CPD Materials

Ready-made learning games for you to use in the classroom

Twigging Template to make your own resource

Associated Research Papers

Howard-Jones, PA, Demetriou, S, Bogacz, R, Yoo, J.H & Leonards, U. ‘Toward a Science of Learning Games’, Mind, Brain, and Education, 5, (pp. 33-41), 2011

Howard-Jones, PA, Davies, N., Demetriou, S, Jones, C., Morgan, O., Perkins, P & Sturgess, C.. ‘“Pedagaming” – Co-Constructing Understanding across Neuroscience and Education about the Pedagogy of Learning Games’, British Educational Research Association Annual Conference 2008, Manchester University, Manchester.

Howard-Jones, PA, Bogacz, R, Jee H. Yoo, Leonards, U & Demetriou, S. ‘The neural mechanisms of learning from competitors’, Neuroimage, 53, (pp. 790-799), 2010

Buy the book (but please note that this is based on the old prototype software – and a new version of this book – for Zondle Team Play - will be out soon)

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